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Become the best version of YOU with one of our spiritual multi-day retreats. By listening to the needs of our guests and drawing upon our own personal healing experiences we have put together these transformational retreats to help you release the unhealthy patterns of your past, restore balance in the present and move forward with greater clarity and purpose. If you are ready to step into the fullness of your personal power and potential then choose one of our multi-day healing retreats that best speaks to your heart and we’ll provide the quality and care of service that you deserve!

*Please know that each of our spiritual retreats can be customized, which means we can add, change, and/or delete any service to best meet your personal needs and intentions.

“Path to Personal Power” Retreat

          Individual price: $645
         Additional cost per person: $425
         Best done over 2 or 3 days

path to personal power When one is ready to end their personal suffering and begin to live from a place of peace and joy transformation naturally occurs. It is here that we begin to catch a glimpse of our true self - powerful, creative, and filled with potential. By dissolving the unhealthy connections we have with our egos we can again return to this place of authenticity and start loving ourselves unconditionally. If you are ready to take a leap of faith and begin the journey of self-empowerment, then allow us to serve as your personal guides helping you heal the past and reconnect to the power of your spirit.

Sacred Walk
Heart-Wall Removal Session
Ritual of Forgiveness
Personal Peace Process
Angel Medicine
Life Purpose Attunement

“Return to Balance” Retreat

          Individual price: $870
          Additional cost per person: $800
          Best done over 3 days

alternative wellness Life is a continuous journey of endings and new beginnings. Change is all around us and at times can feel welcomed, anticipated, and even exciting; whereas other times feels painful, hopeless and debilitating. There are even times when we find ourselves at a crossroads and not sure what to do or which way to go. Whether you find yourself celebrating a milestone, grieving a loss, or just needing some time to get clear, this spiritual retreat will help to ensure a smooth transition so that you can feel at ease with the process and allow the transformation to unfold in a way that is right and perfect for all.

Introduction to the Medicine Wheel
Shamanic Healing
Energy Balancing
Chakra Balancing Massage
Spiritual Reading
Block Busting
Advanced Angel Medicine

“Gifts of G.R.A.C.E” Retreat

         Individual price: $1100
         Additional cost per person: $785
         Best done over 4 days

gifts of grace Our most comprehensive spiritual retreat that blends many of our favorite healing services into one amazing spiritual retreat! This empowering journey will allow you to Ground and reconnect with the Earth, Release emotional issues from the past, Align with your Higher Self, Communicate with your spiritual guidance, and Empowers you to begin living the life of your dreams. It is a sacred journey filled with wonderful healing services designed to feed the soul and awaken the spirit. Whether you are ready to take life to the next level or seeking rejuvenation, this spiritual retreat has just the right blend of relaxation and renewal to leave you feeling balanced and whole. “The Ultimate Reset!”

Sacred Walk
Emotion Code Session
Angel Medicine Session
Energy Balancing
Shamanic Journey: Meet Your Spirit Guide
Spiritual Healing Massage
Advanced Chakra Balancing & Alignment
Spiritual Reading
Life Purpose Attunement

“The Four Elements” Retreat

          Individual price: $1420
          Additional cost per person: $975
          Spread over 4 days

rites of passage The Four Elements retreat is designed for individuals who are feeling the accumulated effects of stress (burnout, lack of drive, depression, etc.) and wish to take time to help restore balance into their lives. Utilizing the power of the natural elements we will help guide you back into spiritual, emotional, mental and physical alignment. This powerful spiritual retreat is designed as a personal healing intensive guided journey from coping and settling with life into healing, empowerment and self-Love. Allow our healing work to release stress, dissolve unhealthy patterns and clear the mental beliefs that keep you from connecting to yourself once again.

Day 1: Air Element: Connecting with Spirit
Introduction to the Medicine Wheel
Shamanic Journey: Meet Your Spirit Guides
Angel Medicine

Day 2: Fire Element: Healing the Emotional Self
Healing Fire Ritual - connect to fire, burn away the old, connect with heart
Emotion Code
Shamanic Healing

Day 3: Water Element: Clearing the Mind
Water Releasing Ceremony
Personal Peace Process
Block Busting

Day 4: Earth Element: Energizing the Body
Sacred Walk
Energy Balancing
Hot Stone Massage

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Testimonials From Our Clients
They are incredible - you don't have to look any further. Spirit led me to them and it was beyond my expectations in every way. I feel like I gained a soul sister in Mariposa. I can't say enough about her talent, wonderful spirit, her big heart, and commitment to help. She made sure I left a strong sovereign spirit. I selected the Day Retreat Package and they "custom made" my retreat to suit my goals - awesome service and friends for life.
                                  Courtney – CA.

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Testimonials From Our Clients
I had the pleasure of working with Inner Journeys on a two-day personal retreat, and I cannot express how valuable this time was to me. Each session was cathartic and intense in its own unique way, and I know that the discoveries I made will remain with me for a lifetime. I truly believe that these two powerful days have given me the tools to deal with both major and day-to-day difficulties in a healthier and more constructive manner. Thank you!
                                                      Tai – Baltimore


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