Distance Healing Questions & Answers

Q: What types of distance healing sessions are available?
Phone, Email, and Skype

Q: How does it work?
All sessions begin with a discussion of your personal goals and intentions. Depending upon the session we may use guided meditation, proxy muscle testing with Q&A, and/or energy healing techniques that support transformation.

Energy follows intent. No matter where you are in the world energy will flow there even when hundreds or thousands of miles separate us. Think of it this way, every day when you use your cell phone or laptop you are accessing a network that allows you to use your device and download/upload any type of data or to simply communicate with another being. In the same way, we use an energy based network that allows us to send and receive information and energy that is directed to heal, uplift, empower, and expand another spiritually.

Q: Who can benefit from a distance healing session?
Simply put- everyone! We support people of all ages ranging from newborns to elders. We all experience difficulties in our lives and often look for outside assistance. Unlike talk therapy, all of our distance healing sessions are designed to get to the heart of your personal issue, release the underlying trapped energy, and help you heal and recover your life force. For some, that means physical health improves and peace of mind returns; whereas for others, confidence surges, relationships improve, and happiness abounds!

Here is just a small list of possible areas in which to focus healing so that you can begin to thrive.

Illness & Disease
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic Polarity Reversal
Anxiety & Depression
Accidents & Injuries
Trauma & Abuse
Healing Relationships
Self-Esteem Issues
Painful Memories
Removing Blockages to success, abundance, &/or creativity.

Q: What happens after a session?
Most people experience a state of peacefulness during and/or after a session with possible ups and downs in both energy and emotion. This is natural part of the healing process and can last anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days or more. As integration occurs, one begins to feel more balanced and begins noticing improvements in body, mind, and spirit.

Here are some additional possibilities:

A heightened state of energy levels and well-being: this is a natural reflection of energy that is balanced.

Tiredness, fatigue, & low energy: this can last for a few hours up to a few days. It takes a lot of energy to suppress painful memories and feelings and by doing the healing work you become more aware of your true state of being.

Moodiness or sensitivity: as buried emotions rise to the surface you can often re-experience a milder version of the original emotion while they are being cleared. Although it can be uncomfortable, there is a deeper knowing that it is old energy being released and that the feelings are only temporary.

Healing without feeling: this often happens when there has been some kind of trauma and/or intense emotions. You ride above the painful emotion(s) so as not to re-experience the original wounding.

Q: How many sessions do I need?
Each person heals differently and in their own time. Some issues resolve in as little as one session whereas others can take multiple sessions spread out over a few weeks or months.

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Testimonials From Our Clients
Joseph initiated us to a calm inner focus, his gentle nature and profound respect for oneness awoke our third eye to the silent voice of nature. His songs and stories warmed our hearts and showed us ways to communicate and heal through nature.

Distance Healing

The experience with Joseph, sitting in the desert on sacred land watching the sun rise was unforgettable. His words of wisdom and guidance, the tools he gave me, and taking in the beauty of the land, all helped me to begin the process of letting go of all that was unnecessary in my life so that I could move forward in peace.
                                              Bryndon – CA.

Distance Healing

My mother (who is 72) came with me on the next part of my journey with Joseph Gray Wolf. Joseph, led by SPIRIT, prepared a table for my mother and I and the things he laid before us each had special meaning to us. We then traveled to the creek and he shared stories and songs with us. We danced to the beat of the drum, heard more stores and songs, laughed and laughed. Joseph shared from his heart what SPIRIT gave to him and nothing could have been more tailored made for us.
                                             Karen – MS.


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