So what does relationship mean? One cool definition I found was – the state of being connected. What are we connected to? In reality – EVERYTHING!! And since we are connected to everything each relationship can mirror back to us where we are at in our lives. But, since I am a work in progress, I don’t yet fully realize the power of that last sentence.  In order to guide myself toward that realization I feel there are 3 major relationships (listed in order of importance) that are essential to explore:

1) Relationship to God/ Spirit

2)Relationship to self

3) Relationships to other people

To help understand how these relationships connect I am going to use the metaphor of the circle within a circle. The entire circle, of which we are a part, is God, of course, because life is whole. The inner circle represents conscious connection with God – the experiencing that there is no separation from God (Oneness). In my limited view, this is the only relationship – it is a return to our true Being. I can feel this as moments of clarity, unconditional love, service, inner peace, gratitude, etc. As I work toward and bring my focus to the center of the circle these moments become more frequent. I feel whole.

As I turn away from the center circle and my conscious connection to Spirit I begin to form  another relationship in an effort to feel connection – the relationship to self (ego). In this relationship I am not quite centered and feel a degree of separation from God/Spirit. As I indulge in this apparent separation I find myself in my head….a lot –  with constant thoughts of past and future. This focus seems to make moments of angst, stress and frustration seem to be the norm.  A healthy relationship to self realizes the need to turn around and head back to the Center and loves itself enough to know that it is a process. It is like the mirror image in the picture above – it realizes that everything seemingly outside of it is leading it back to the center (or away from the center). It senses the need for present moment awareness to be guided Home.

As I continue to venture out away from my Center and indulge in my separate sense of self I find another relationship begins to form – the relationship to other people. I can relate to others as family, friends, lovers, coworkers, etc.  As I place all of my awareness into my relationship with others I find my mind believing even more thoughts of separation – My “I” (ego) begins to view others as separate and different from itself. This goes against my true nature of Wholeness and the angst I consequently feel quickly manifests into judgement….lots of judgement and having to be right.

This is where the story from the introduction of being married back to back shows the potential for a healthier relationship. As I stand face to face with someone it is as if I can only appreciate them from the outside. And the more outside my awareness is the further away I am from my Center of Peace. So to compensate for not feeling Centered I seek that love outside  – I will love you as long as you look this way, act this way, agree with me, etc. This results in codependency, neediness and….lots of conditions – I love you as long as you are….(fill in the blank). When you are no longer that – screw you!!! With conditions, it is easy to forget that this relationship is a mirror image back to myself.

But when we stand back to back with someone there seems to be more of an inward focus. I have my 180 degrees of the circle in front of me but I am aware that I am not whole. In the above example I don’t seem to have that awareness yet and look outward. So I have to trust that my relationship with you will show me what I am missing. That you will mirror back to me where I need balance. But here’s the rub – the focus is inward because, to truly trust (or love) someone, I will need to have trusted (or loved) myself first. I will need to have recognized that inside of myself first to recognize it inside of another.  In this way I accept you as you are and only need you to be who you are to teach me back to Center.

These relationships build on the others from the outside in and infuse awesomeness from the inside out. The relationship to others and ourselves help us to get to the relationship with God/Spirit. Once we begin to realize the relationship with God/Spirit then every other relationship we have can go to ever deepening levels and exist in peace and harmony. That is what I consider  healthy relationship.







145   Above is a popular picture taken in Sedona of Cathedral Rock. This view serves as the backdrop for the many weddings performed in Sedona and is also a famous tourist picture as one can see the mirror image of Cathedral Rock in the Oak Creek below.

Within this picture lies a beautiful story that was once shared with me by a wonderful couple that I once took on a jeep tour. In the middle of the rock it looks as if there is a couple standing back to back with one another. To the left of the couple is a rock that looks like a podium with head on it overlooking the couple (the person giving the service). And on each side of that are the large rocks that represent the rocks/support in our life – Spirit, family, friends, faith, etc.

When I shared this scene with the couple they shared that they were of Ojibiway origin and that they get married back to back. One person has 180 degrees of the circle which is their energy and responsibility. The other person has the other half. They shared that, if you were looking at the person in front of you, you couldn’t see behind their back and they couldn’t see behind yours. But, if you stand back to back, each person can share their perspective and, together, they can see the whole 360 degrees. In this way, relationships become less about who wins (energetically) than they do a mutual sharing of each other. They finished by saying we attract people into our lives who have a piece of the pie (about ourselves) that we don’t understand and that, if we trust them, they will share that piece with us and bring us closer to wholeness.

I have always loved to share this story because it just has so much depth and possible meaning. We will be using the story of standing back to back and the concept of the mirror image to show  how important our relationships are by mirroring back to us what we need to learn to return to our natural state of balance and harmony.

I am sharing these ideas in response to an article I saw on Facebook that claimed that only 2 out of 10 marriages last. I was a bit surprised by the statistic but, when I really looked at the all of the relationships around me, perhaps I have just been fooling myself. The amount of relationships that I would deem happy/sustainable are so few and far in between that I began to wonder if I  knew of any truly healthy relationships, including my own? Why is that?

To explore this a bit further (for myself and to share with you) I am offering ideas in three parts: Part 1 will look at what relationship means and use the concept of standing back to back to illustrate the potential for a healthy relationship. Part 2 will explore some reasons for why we see so many unhealthy relationships today and how we can use them as learning tools. Part 3 will offer some ideas for how to bring ourselves and, thus, our relationships, back into balance.

Perhaps by shining some light on the subject we can uncover the true power of relationships and begin to build ones that help us to take our journeys to deeper levels of Being.









On our own individual journeys, as well as in sharing with our many guests over the years, we have witnessed the gripping impact that negative events can have in our lives. A seemingly innocuous event that happens when we are 12 years old (like someone teasing us) can stay with us for years and continue to give us a false image of ourselves (I am not worthy, loveable, etc.)

When a negative event happens in our life, we often store the impact of that event in our cells as the event can be too difficult to process – this storage (of good or bad events) is called cellular memory. The problem in the case of the negative event is that the cells store this event and any trigger later in life (someone still teasing us when we are 30) still keeps us living the original event.

The result – we stay stuck and cannot move forward. We have this memory in our cells that keeps putting it out there that we are not worthy and loveable that can be traced back to the original event of being teased earlier in life. And we have layers upon layers of these negative memories residing in our energy fields.

So what can we do to move forward? Well, we need to release the energy associated with negative memories trapped in our being so that we can see the truth – that we are all perfect beings in Spirit, loved immensely and worthy of Spirit’s love. The key is in finding the original negative memory holding the rest of the false ones in place and to release that energy.

We have found success with this using two techniques – Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) (http://www.sedona-spiritualretreats.com/energy-healing.html) and Emotional Freedom Technique. IET, in particular, has been a powerful tool of transformation that allows us to help our guests begin to dislodge the grip of negative, stagnant memories and free up the energy to move forward in an empowered and loving way.

Sometimes the results of one session are deeply profound and, other times, they serve as the gentle nudge needed by us or our guests to clear up any negativity that keeps us from hearing the call of Spirit within. We all operate at our own rhythm and each result is perfect.

You may experience the power of IET for yourself as a stand alone service or as part of a spiritual retreat in beautiful Sedona, AZ. by contacting us through our website at www.sedona-spiritualreteats.com.

Many Blessings to loving journeys ahead!!!!









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