When people think of life purpose most of us go directly to our mind and conjure up the career we think will be most fulfilling to us on some level. Life Purpose and Job/Career have become synonymous because there are many social beliefs on the importance of “work”.

But I wish to present a more abstract view of our life purpose. Our life purpose, like the trees pictured above, is to simple grow and evolve into the best we can be. That’s it – just keep growing!!! We don’t have to know (mind) what we are growing into we just need to keep growing and experiencing new things (heart).

I know we have all had times where we got these ideas that, for a moment, excited us. A career path, something new to learn, a new diet, a new exercise program or a new place to move to or visit. When those ideas come you get a little rush inside (heart). Then 5 seconds later you get 4 or 5 ideas in your head (mind) that tell you how you can’t accomplish your new exciting idea. Not enough time, not enough money, what will they think, how am I going to do that, etc – sound familiar? Yeah, me too!!

Our life purpose is to run, no – SPRINT!!!!, toward those new ideas. They are the best guidance you are ever going to get for yourself. Put a little time everyday into your new idea (heart) even if just for 5 minutes. Visualize it, research about it, sign up for it, buy it, eat it, START IT – just keep moving toward it despite the fear (mind).

As you do this everyday it has been my experience that you will make up more energized, alive and excited about your day. Why? Because you are growing and that is your purpose. You will open up your being to new ideas and guidance and you will feel really good about yourself that you were able to overcome the resistance. You will lift your vibration and open yourself up to the benefits of those higher vibrations.

So allow yourself a moment to think about what you would Love to do and put some energy in that direction. Your mind may resist at first but, deep down, you are stronger than that – we all are!! As you begin to make your exciting new ideas a physical reality then there you are – on purpose, growing from one idea to the next for the simple reason that it feels good to do so.