solar-corssToday I would like to speak a bit about balance. Something that, in our experience, is lacking in society as we look to move forward and grow. Oh, we are moving forward alright – but is the foundation from which our growth emanates self sustaining?

Back in the past, cultures such as the Egyptians, Incas, Mayans, Coptics and Native Americans, to name a few, used the symbol of the equal cross to represent balance. A friend of mine with an Indigenous heritage shared this story with me awhile back in regards to the symbol of the equal cross within the circle. He shared that his people believed the vertical line represented the physical journey of the human and the horizontal line represented the spiritual journey of the human. They are always connected and, by energizing both paths,  balance is maintained.

Fast forward to today. The cross that is shared with many is unequal. The vertical line (physical) is way longer than the horizontal line (spiritual). Have we been fooled into focusing our energies into the physical part of life at the expense of our spiritual growth? I feel, deep down, we know the answer is yes.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution and, perhaps even before, we have been full throttle forward on a physical journey. Our focus has been on work, work, and then more work. We want to get money so that we can get stuff. The more stuff you have the happier we are, right? We have become human doers. If we aren’t doing something than we are bored so we are always doing something to distract ourselves from the fact that life is out of balance. We have no problem working 40+hrs/ week (physical) and give little to no thought of our spiritual growth.

The results of continually energizing this path have been evident – we are bored, sick, depressed and so very lost. We have become so disempowered that we turn outward, to others/society, for guidance and the answer back is….put your head down and just work!!!

But has this all just been a Big learning lesson? Is there another way? Perhaps we have sojourned together on this physical journey to learn from it and, having fully understood its ramifications, we now sense a change is in order to a more balanced way of life. Enter Spirit.

But I must clarify. When I mention connecting spiritually I am referring to your own personal connection with God/Spirit. Not what everyone has told you to believe but your own experience – the real McCoy. To experience that connection is our birthright!!! And, the key to balance. This is why we have seen the advent of travelers flocking to spiritual destinations like Sedona and immersing themselves in the immense amount of spiritual literature and seminars available everywhere.

Personally, when I feel connected to Spirit and in balance, I feel like I’m in this beautiful Flow and life is working for me, not the other way around. I feel real Love in my heart, full of energy and am excited to take on each day and meet my challenges with grace. I tend to look at each day and, life in general, as an adventurer an not as a victim.

So how do we connect to our spiritual side – there is no right answer, just the answer that works best for you. Some things that work for me include a few minutes a day of meditation, prayer, time in Nature, playing (presently) with children, yoga or just doing the things I love. All of these things can open us up to our true Nature and counteract the daily grind of life. The key is in finding that experience that best opens you up to Spirit. It may take some time to find what works for you but if we spend as much time focusing on it as we do on our physical journey then we will eventually find balance.

As we stand balanced we can infuse the spiritual energy into our everyday life and bring that energy into all of our relationships. From that place of balance we can open ourselves to enlightening moments of clarity, inner knowing, unconditional love , empowerment and joy. Higher Vibration can flow with us and we can evolve into…dare I say…Human Beings!!!

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