How are we unique?

Simply, we offer personal touch, convenience and value – all things we look for when we seek out our own personal healing services

Our Personal Touch – We support you from start to finish offering a beautiful personal connection from the first phone call to the big hug at the end of our time together. We personally serve as your healing guides for nearly all of our services and are mindful of gauging the appropriate flow and timing of each service or ceremony. Since we’ve been where you’re at, we like to make ourselves available during and after your spiritual retreat to help you process and integrate your experiences in a safe, loving way.

Convenience – We offer one-stop shopping since nearly all of our healing work is done on property at Inner Journeys. Very little time is wasted trying to locate your therapists, guides, and healers. This is especially important for single travelers offering peace of mind and a stress free experience.

Value – As a family of five we understand the balance between the need for quality healing services and affordable pricing; therefore, we keep our services priced fairly on purpose because if we couldn’t afford them why would we expect others to? In addition, our goal is to offer tools that you can take home and apply within your own life long after your retreat is finished.

Allow Inner Journeys to serve your spiritual healing needs!

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